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Social Job Ads

Meet the dopest creatives right where they are ... online

Pretty Creative Hustle's Social Job Ads will introduce your business to social recruiting by targeting your jobs, projects, events, etc. to both passive and active qualified, interested creatives across the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Now you can quickly and easily find those creatives who may or may not be actively seeking work, but that are a perfect fit for your project or job. With Pretty Creative Hustle's Social Job Ads, creating and executing a successful social recruiting strategy is simple.

Have your job seen by the dopest creatives

With our knowledge of social media retargeting, we will work on the backend to scan through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and match the skills, job titles and/or location from your job ad with creatives that are the perfect fit. Once matched, your job Ad will automatically be sent and displayed on the most talented creatives’ news feed. We make it fast, easy and efficient. 

Performance Tracking

After a brief set up, your ads will begin running immediately. Ads remain live until they reach 20 job views or until they have been active for 30 days.


Affordable and Effective

  • Low cost with tangible results


  • Easy setup with ad manager and analytics for tracking

Custom Targeting

  • Social reach is automated and distributed to qualified talented creatives on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Detailed targeting technology reaches and delivers your ad to creatives matching your criteria

Prominent Placement

  • Ads That Pop are prominently displayed on targeted candidates’ feeds.

Mobile Friendly

  • Device-optimized for iOS and Android devices.


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