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Pretty Creative Hustle, 1/2 Agency 1/2 Community, connects women entrepreneurs to quality, creative services through our network of vetted women freelancers and consultants.


We're better together.

Join our private community of freelancers, consultants and other creatives to access resources, job leads and personal and professional tips.


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The DOPE GIRLS, doing dope stuff.

Meet some of the dopest creatives we could find. From creative writing and digital marketing to graphic design and event planning, we're building a community of women creatives who are ready to do good work for good businesses and organizations nationwide.

I want to hire dope creatives.

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Our hustle

Our Chief Creative Officer, Tatyerra Mikell, offers a variety of services to support start-ups as they build their brands and connect them to their target audience. She doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk. With 5 years of experience working with women-led businesses to grow their customer base, following and overall presence, she's confident she can take your brand to the next level. Together, you can hustle harder and smarter, are you ready? 

Brands we've worked with

Pretty Creative Collective

Pretty Creative Collective is an experiential marketing group. Our campaigns and events connect women creatives in new ways by celebrating their contributions in the creative space. 

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