How we categorize businesses:

Startup/Small Business

Businesses less than two years old with less than 3 employees.

Nonprofit organizations
Organizations with 501c3 status: these organizations range from soup kitchens to aid organizations, and museums. 

Government agencies
Government agencies are entities administered by a local, city, state, or federal government, such as departments of health, parks, or sanitation.

Consultants/Vendors to nonprofits
Consultants/vendors that provide services can self select into a status based on the categories given. These services include copy writing, grant writing, communications, fundraising, and professional development. Vendors are companies that sell goods that are uniquely needed or used by the businesses or organizations.

Recruitment firms
Many organizations use recruitment firms to help them find staff. Recruitment firms may post on behalf of clients who meet our criteria, such as nonprofits or government agencies, or for their own internal positions.

Social enterprises
Social enterprises are mission-driven businesses that use market-based strategies to address intractable social problems. To be eligible for social enterprise standing, a business must meet the definition above.

Private Sector

A for-profit business more than 5 years old now owned or operated by the government.
Pretty Creative Hustle does not include:

  • Any business or organization that promotes hate or violence

Still unclear about how to categorize your job posting? Contact us.